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About Us

  Shanghai DiCtum Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd. is an all-around adjusting firm with the business scope throughout China approved by CIRC, and will provide risk surveying and loss adjusting services for Insurers, Reinsurers, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents and other Insurance Parties.
“谛” Watch or listen carefully, meaning “truth” in Buddhism wording
“诚” True feeling, meaning real, honesty and indeed
“谛诚” Reflecting the Characteristics and Principles of Adjusting works and Utmost Good Faith of 
“Blue” symbolizes “water”, “Red” stands for “fire”, which are two key causes giving rise to incident 
/ damage
Dictum Homophonic of Chinese Name, meaning famous remark, well-known saying and formal expression
“DIC” Damage Inspection & Control/Damage Eye See/Inspection of Damaged Cargo
  We believe expertise and technology
  We will be in time, precise and careful
  We reflect fair and impartial
  We have strong sense of responsibility
  We satisfy customers
  We profit staff.
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